A Saw for Small hands

Remember that Disston D-20 from a few weeks back? Remember I said there was a smaller saw in the lot that I almost left behind.

I’m glad I didn’t.

The saw in question was a strange little skew-back panel saw with no discernible markings on the plate or on the weirdly shaped and incredibly uncomfortable handle.

I had low expectations for this one, but the plate cleaned up like a champ and when my 3 year old walked by it as I was cleaning it she said “Ooh a small saw just my size. Is it for me?”

At that moment it became “for her.” It was still a junker though so I wasn’t sure where I was going with it until I bought a box load of saw handles off of eBay and in that mix was one beautiful little Warranted Superior handle. It doesn’t fit my hand, but it fits hers.

The saw plate had a curve to the back where it fit in the handle and it also had a slight kink just at the very end so a little surgery was in order.

My apologies for the next blurry pic but you can see the old handle (left) and new handle (right) along with the now amputated hunchback that I’m going to grind into a marking knife at some point in the future.

Anyway, A little time with the belt sander (which I keep for these kinds of tasks but never actually use on wood) a couple of new holes and voila!

She’s totally into it. Score one for the Papa.


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  1. Love it. Great story with an even greater ending, a saw for your kid, bravo. She will probably cherish it for a long time, and so will you 🙂


    1. Thanks Robert! She was absolutely over the moon about this one although now her little sister wants to know where hers is.


  2. With our apprentice due in 6 and a half weeks I found this post to be incredibly touching, James. Hopefully one day I will be in a position to give such a wonderful to the apprentice (if he/ she has any interest in woodcraft).


    1. I understand that family life isn’t everyone’s thing, but kids are beyond cool. They start out sort of lumpy, but then all of a sudden they crack a smile or make a face and you realize that there’s a little person in there with a whole story ahead of them.

      I’m lucky so far that mine take an interest in what I’m doing, but honestly half the battle is just paying attention to what puts a glimmer in their eye and encouraging them to explore.

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      1. Agreed. The workshop will be there if the apprentice wants it to be. But I’m mainly excited about finding out what makes *them* tick, and encouraging them to find their own path.

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