One Word Workshop Wednesdays

Nothing inspires me more as a woodworker than seeing the projects of others, especially in media res. I admit that I myself am probably annoying all of my Instagram followers by constantly snapping pictures as I work.

The reason I take those pictures though, is that something has given me pause. Sometimes it’s the grain of the wood in the raking morning light in my shop. Sometimes it’s the way a tool surprises me or frustrates me. Sometimes it’s a little detail that captures my attention and begs to be seen.

I take those pictures as a way of documenting the creative interaction between worker and wood and the awe I feel to be part of the process of watching something become something else.

That’s a lot of words to say this: I want to see what other folks are working on and as a way of inviting that, each Wednesday (wherever you are in the world) I’d like to ask people to submit one picture of something you’re working on with one word describing what that is. You can send them to or, if you want to play along on Instagram, use #onewordworkshopwednesday

That’s it. Simple. You don’t have to write out a long description or opine about woodworking or life in general. One picture. One word. Throughout the day I’ll post the pictures and descriptions on The Daily Skep with credit to those who submit. So here’s a start. This week I submit this:



4 Comments Add yours

  1. This is a great idea James, another means to draw the community together! Thanks for setting it up (and for including my picture).


    1. Thanks Kieran. Hopefully we’ll get a few more additions to the gallery!

      Many of us like to show off the finished product of our labor, but I know that I for one tend to feel somewhat isolated when I’m in the middle of projects. I thought it might be fun to post these submissions as an opportunity to catch creativity in action and remind us all that there are a lot of plane shavings between the log and the finished piece.


  2. Randall says:

    What’s your Instagram handle? I’ll give you a follow and play along


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