A place for potatoes

Two years ago the church I serve bought the last parcel of the city block that we occupy in small town Eastern North Carolina. There was a house on the property that was at least a century old, and while I’m generally in favor of historical preservation, this one really needed to come down. For lots of reasons, not the least of which was structural integrity.

As one compelled to rescue and restore, I was able to preserve a few architectural details and a honkin’ big slab of heart pine that was used to frame up the underside of a doorway.

Fast forward to a few months ago, and that honking big slab of heart pine was still sitting in my workshop milled, planed and waiting to become something.

It became this:IMG_20150414_161816

Along with a few shutters I rescued from another house in town, I turned it into a small utility stand that I dubbed the shutter stand.

It didn’t hang around the house long because I donated it to a silent auction, but almost as soon as it was gone another plan started hatching in my brain.

My wife had been asking for a storage unit for our kitchen that could hold potatoes, onions and the like, and here was my inspiration, so I went to the shed, dug out two more full sized shutters and set to work.

Over the next few days and weeks I’m going to chronicle that build in such a way that you might be inspired to build along. Comments, questions and collaboration are welcome. Posts about your own builds are welcome (click the submit tab at the top).

I will say ahead of time that this isn’t going to be all pocket screws and chalk paint and no pallets were reclaimed in the making of this piece of furniture. (If you want that you’ll have to head on over to Pinterest.) Since I’m working to come extent with found objects there will be some non-traditional joinery combined with more traditional methods with overall objective of making something that could potentially last a lifetime.

With the exception of the shutters, everything else necessary for this build can be found at your local home store. If you don’t just happen upon some shutters to salvage, I’ll make a suggestion for an alternative path at that point of the build.


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