A curated conversation

I write. A lot.

In my current profession I’ve calculated that I write enough in any given year to easily fill a five-hundred page book, and that’s after editing.

I want to update the Daily Skep, well, daily, but I’m also a realist and I know that given all of the other writing that I do, (not to mention life in general) it would be unrealistic to say that each and every day I’ll have time to write a 500 word meditation on something interesting enough to keep your attention and do justice to what I hope to accomplish here.

I will write. And I will write as much as I can, but some days I may just post a photo or two of what I’m working on. I may have just enough time to add a short thought, quip or consideration, or perhaps point you toward something that has caught my attention.

Here’s the other thing; I want this to be a curated conversation. I want to hear from other people and I want to share what other people are working on, struggling with and figuring out. I want to share what knowledge other people would like to offer. I want to help gather together different narratives and locate them within a larger story about craft and life.

I am sometimes skeptical about the high level of technological connectivity we encounter in our daily lives but it can also be a magnificent gift. Over the past year I have fashioned together a virtual apprenticeship through online video and instruction that would have been unheard of just a decade ago. In addition to reading all the print material I can get I daily scroll through the blog at Lost Art Press to find inspiration, instruction and historical anecdotes. That is not to mention the community spirit of Over The Wireless, or the joy and enthusiasm of Anne Of All Trades, just to name a few.

So, maybe you don’t have time to start a blog, but you’ve got something to add to the conversation? You’re in luck. There’s a place for you here in the hive. If that describes you, then I encourage you to look for the “SUBMIT” tab on the front page of The Daily Skep and follow the instructions to add your voice to the conversation. I will curate submissions and do my best to present any and all work that I feel is for the good of the order.*

*(I’m an editor at heart, but aside from cleaning up the grammar I will  and try to keep them as true to form as I can.)


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  1. Thanks for the mention, James.

    I am really looking forward to see how this blog develops. I think the curated conversation model you have outlined has the potential to create a special, and very important, space for a multitude of voices which may not otherwise be heard. Another great example of community spirit in action, and no doubt a resource to which many (myself included) will refer in the years to come.



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