A picture is not (always) worth 1000 words.

One of my pet peeves with internet auction sites is when a seller writes something like the following in the description: “I don’t really know anything about _______ so I can’t be responsible for describing it incorrectly. See the pictures. They’re part of the description.” Such a disclaimer is generally accompanied by pictures so fuzzy… Continue reading A picture is not (always) worth 1000 words.

A staked stool

Height: 18″ Top:  11″x 11″ (rough octagon) Base 10″ square (roughly) A few observations:  Everything is pinned with nails. I don’t know if this was original or a sign of repairs. My guess is original. The legs were likely made square, two-thirds were tapered and then the top third was worked down with a draw… Continue reading A staked stool